The Voice of Authority

Each issue of Empowering Women is written and designed to inform, motivate and empower women considering the home-based business market and to further the success of those who already own their own business.

We make every effort to give our readers the best content available. One way we diversify our content is by seeking out experts in the industry to contribute to our magazine. We have featured articles from a world-renowned economist, a famous financial planner, inspirational leaders, motivational speakers, fashion experts and authors of best-selling books; we include the best of the best.

We read a lot of books to stay educated and up to date on new ideas and personalities that we can bring to our readers. We plan to continue to broaden the list of experts we can add as contributors to Empowering Women. Click on the pictures of some of the writers, noted speakers and industry experts we feature to read about them and read excerpts from their works in Empowering Women.