Why advertise in Empowering Women?
Women make the majority of purchasing decisions at home. It's also been proven that the products women buy for their office are often the products they buy for use at home. Empowering Women readers manage their households, often work outside the home, and are building their own home-based businesses.

Each issue features one successful direct selling or party planning company. You can reach our readers bi-monthly or choose to advertise in issues with companies that best target your audience.

Where is Empowering Women sold?
Empowering Women is distributed nationally through prominent newsstands and bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Borders, Staples, B. Dalton, Hastings and Books-A-Million.

Who are Empowering Women readers?
Empowering Women speaks directly to those who have made the decision to, or are considering, working from home.

The rising power of home-based entrepreneurs is changing how companies design, produce and market products. Thanks to continued technological evolution, working from home is a viable career option. These self-empowered, influential individuals with decision-making authority are prime targets for savvy marketers and advertisers.

Home-based businesses owners are predominately married, college-educated women 35 to 54 who work on their businesses part time.

What is Empowering Women's circulation?
Empowering Women circulation is 100 percent paid. Empowering Women has paid commitments for 2007 that take the average monthly circulation to more than 130,000.

Why reach Empowering Women readers?
The home-based business market in the United States is growing at a phenomenal rate. The desire to own their own businesses and control their futures fuels the entrepreneurial spirit of many Americans.

More than 14 million men and women own their own home-based business.

(Source: DSA, Independent Research & Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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